CRM and digital marketing

Digitalisation of customer relations

Get to grips with and exploit your customer data.

Our team of specialists will guide you through your customer relationship digitalisation project. Our experts work closely with your teams to create the software solution that meets your needs. This software is built from the best in cloud software platforms.

Utilising customer data

Leading software platforms cover every part of a company:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Field service
  • Marketing
  • 360 vision and customer base

Fully integrated into information system, the projects we carry out are based on extremely configurable Customer Relationship Management platforms. Customisation engines allow us to build scalable and maintainable business-focused applications (a no-code/low-code approach):

  • Connected to your inbound/outbound communication channels with your customers – telephone, email, text chat, chatbot, and snail mail.
  • Running in tandem with your office and collaborative tools and the rest of the IS
  • Accessible on the move
  • Leveraging the power of the cloud to make the most of your data: Recommendations powered by AI and reporting and graphical analysis

Our +:

  • Commitment to results
  • A team of business and technical experts to manage every part of the digitalization project
  • A UX/UI team available to project teams to integrate the tool in the best way

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Key team figures


years’ expertise in customer relations (CRM, digital marketing, etc.)


45 employees specialised in customer relations

Our partners

Dynamics 365 is a more flexible software solution for satisfying your customers. It gives you a unique portfolio of intelligent business applications focused on the customer experience.

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As a leader in more than 40 areas of the customer service management, Adobe is the pioneer in digital solutions that make the most of your creativity and data to transform your business with confidence.

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Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that gives each department in your company (including marketing, sales, customer service and e-commerce) a unified view of your customers on an integrated platform.

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Selligent Marketing Cloud is an integrated omnichannel marketing automation platform. Powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine, it maximizes every customer interaction thanks to its hyper-personalized and relevant customer experience across all channels and devices.

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Semarchy is a solution dedicated to managing customer and product bases (MDM). It is quick to install and use. The xDM platform lets you rapidly gather critical information spread across applications into a single data hub and it features a quick recovery time.

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Find out more about our community management software for service users: CityZen


You can manage the relationships between service users and their local communities and authorities.

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