Free, open source Coexya software that lets you sign, certify and verify the authenticity of your digital documents on Blockchain in complete freedom!

Reduce the cost of your electronic signatures by adopting blockchain technologies.

Our software solution uses ‘simple’ mass electronic signatures that comply with European eIDAS regulations (80% of the market). It allows companies and organisations to carry out the time-stamping documents, providing proof of origin or documentary precedence, and certifying content in repositories or electronic signatures.

Our software solution, TezosDigiSign, is based on the French blockchain TEZOS.

Royalty free, you have no licensing costs to pay.  Outside of your implementation project, the only costs will be the fees related to the signature transactions you pass in the Blockchain.

Compared to PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based solutions and trusted third parties, there are many advantages:

  • Drastic cost reductions . The widespread use of signatures makes it possible to achieve time-stamping costs per document of less than one hundredth of a Euro cent in some cases.
  • Total freedom, no third party constraints, no contract to sign, no need to delegate archiving.
  • Enhanced security: documents do not leave your corporate network.
  • No need for certificates and so no need to manage their revocation.
  • No format or document size limits. Aside from PDF, you can sign videos, photos, autocad files, pieces of music, lines of code, etc… TezosDigiSign can also be used to certify the integrity of content held in repositories.

TezosDigiSign source code and documentation are available for download on Gitlab.

About Tezos

  • A green blockchain
    Its consensus (Liquid Proof of Stake) makes Tezos several thousand times more eco-efficient, from an electricity consumption standpoint, than Bitcoin.
  • An extremely secure blockchain
    By its size, by its consensus, by its incentive mechanisms, by its smart contract language allowing formal verification.
  • A massively used blockchain and therefore sustainable on the long term
    In the top 10 of the largest global public blockchains in May 2020, its market capitalisation of its cryptocurrency exceeds 1.5 billion euros on that date.
  • Known and self-evolving governance
    Tezos will evolve, and the decision principles for the choices of its roadmap are known. Users of the blockchain can vote for their choices. For many blockchains, it is difficult if not impossible to know how decisions are made (when there are any).
  • Experts based in France
    The R&D teams behind the technology are partly based in Paris (France) and available verbally for any questions. Members of the Tezos core team are also present in many other countries around the world.
  • An auditable blockchain: security/regulation
    Tezos is developed in an open source language, OCAML, natively facilitating its audit.
  • Smart contracts auditability: security/regulation
    The Tezos smart contracts are developed in a language which enables total control and auditability on how the contracts are run, even at the deeper software and hardware level.


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