Interconnected apps : OL football

Olympics Lyonnais : Interconnected apps

Interconnecting apps and sharing match’s informations


In a digital world, interconnecting apps became a necessity in order to ensure a modern and connected space. In the implementation project within the Groupama Stadium, Coexya brings support to the Olympics lyonnais to interconnecting all the using apps as a whole. The main goal, is to connected through synchronous and asynchronous exchanges between 80 apps within the stadium, thanks to a completly applicative Bus. 


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The Groupama Stadium mobile app ( available on Windows 10 Mobile, Android and IOS) makes possible living a brand new experience within the stadium. Thanks to a Live mode which put the spectactor right in the core of the show, follow the rhythm of the Groupama Stadium and enjoy all the servicies inside an innovating stadium and 100% connected. 

From the beginning to the end of each event, enjoy and share a brand new experience, unique and interactive !