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Tediji by Coexya, an electronic signature solution based on the Tezos blockchain

Coexya, one of France’s leaders in document management projects, is innovating with the launch of Tediji by Coexya, a blockchain-based electronic signature offering that enables digital documents to be signed, certified and verified independently.

This accessible, environmentally-friendly solution with no trusted third party offers two levels of signature: certification and simple signature with consent.

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KAMI by Coexya, for your desktop publishing communications

Today, quality, adaptability and speed are the watchwords of effective, differentiating communication. For the past 20 years, our teams of experts have been supporting our key account customers in the deployment of desktop publishing communication solutions.

Our KAMI software suite is the fruit of years of experience and exchanges with our customers and partners. This software complements the leading desktop publishing tools on the market, to respond to the problems you encounter every day in managing your desktop publishing communications.

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Odycare by Coexya, secure telemedicine and care coordination software

Deploy Odycare to facilitate communication and coordination between professionals and streamline patient care.

With Odycare, healthcare professionals have centralised, real-time access to the patient’s coordination file and communicate in complete security. Teleconsultation, tele-expertise, secure messaging, patient portal, document management, liaison log, forms, diary, notifications… so many features for better care.

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Acsepto by Coexya, intellectual property rights management software for national offices and international organizations

Acsepto is a trademark prior art search product used by both applicants for preliminary investigations and offices for examination or monitoring searches. Similarity detection engines for trademarks and logos leverage artificial intelligence to simplify and optimize the search processes, whether for verbal or figurative marks, in national and international databases. Additionally, Acsepto extends its utility to other intellectual property rights, such as designs and models.

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Ptolemy by Coexya, Intellectual Property Process Dematerialization Software Solution

Ptolemy is a Case Management platform that enables organizations to centralize the management of all their intellectual property rights. It encompasses the management of files, administrative and operational processes, as well as communications with external parties.

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Dark Diver: The case manager of the Dark Web and hidden networks

Dark Diver is a case manager including an advanced multilingual search engine dedicated to investigating the dark web and clandestine networks. With a powerful analysis capacity of 550,000,000 documents and 5 terabytes of raw text (2023), Dark Diver is positioned as a leading solution against hacking and counterfeiting, assisting analysts and generating clear results through detailed reports.

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