About us

Coexya is an independent leader in the digital industry

Coexya is an IT multi-specialist and operates as an integrator, software publisher and consulting firm. We help companies in their digital transformation and the exploitation of their data by developing solutions that meet the new uses for their employees and customers

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      A strong culture of fixed price projects with a commitment to results

      With more than 20 years of experience in IT projects and a strong culture of fixed-price projects, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives. We provide support for their digitalization projects by offering innovative solutions and services and we are present throughout the project lifecycle, from the formulation of the needs to the set-up and maintenance.

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      A small and decentralised organisation

      Our team of experts is committed to a collective project and in order to respond to the strategic challenges of our clients, we have set up an organization based on specialized skill centres, which provides an efficient response, combined with a selected and controlled methodology.
      Coexya is therefore structured into Business Units, which ensures our customers a close relationship, high added value know-how and the ability to implement adapted quality solutions and an optimised economic strategy.

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    Committed to a more sustainable society

    Coexya's commitment to CSR is not new and certain priorities such as soft mobility have been developed for several years in France. Coexya's employees have the option of using an electric car or bicycle for their professional and personal needs. Thus 20% of our employees (75 electric cars, 80 electric bikes) have chosen this green mobility.
    Our ambition is to continue our CSR programme and our economic, social and environmental transformation. This is why our CSR programme is fully integrated into the company's global strategy and drives our daily operations, ambitions and objectives.

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    Coexya in numbers


revenue in 2023 (€)



+ 390



premises in France

70 %

fixed price projects

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    Our mission

    Let's transform organisations and our society together with technological innovation and collective intelligence.


Our Lyon premises are home to over 500 staff at our site located within a business park in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or. The staff work in 4 buildings that host the different specialised service centres.

The Paris branch currently has over 150 staff who work in specialised teams on subjects of expertise such as EDM and ECM, Geographical Information System, Intellectual Property or Search & Semantic.

Implantation Rennes

The Brittany agency, composed of about 120 employees, is specialised in 2 niche markets: CCM / Desktop publishing and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Innovating, sharing, co-constructing, all in a friendly environment: this is in our DNA at Coexya in Rennes!

Implantation Brest

The Geomod team based in Brest applies its expertise in Marine Geomatic by offering software solutions to exploit or produce standardized hydrographic and oceanographic products such as Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) or Additional Military Layers (AML).

In order to maintain its expertise, Geomod actively participates in the IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) working groups in charge of the exchange standards for the marine products but also of the operating standards for these products (e.g. ECDIS navigation system Standard). The main purpose of these standards is to contribute to strengthening the safety of maritime navigation.


Aquilab by Coexya, based in Lille, France, applies its expertise as an editor recognized for more than 20 years in oncology. Its range of software and services is designed to improve the quality of treatment.