Le Cloud by Coexya: a 100% French sovereign data storage solution

Discover our sovereign cloud solution to protect your data

Why has data storage become a major issue for organisations?

Currently, public organisations and more and more private companies want to migrate to the Cloud, but they remain suspicious about the use and storage of their confidential data. This data must be stored on French territory, free from any foreign intrusion. The need to assist organisations in this process requires know-how to define robust and global commitments in the Cloud strategy.

Moreover, the digitisation of an Information System is not only a technical migration, it is also about unifying the organisation’s processes by taking into account numerous issues such as data sovereignty, innovation capacity and scalability.



Digital sovereignty to protect and secure your data

Coexya innovates with its 100% French sovereign offer, Le Cloud by Coexya. 

This solution is a real benefit for organisations that are looking for agility and a single interlocutor from the design to the implementation of applications as a managed service.

Coexya proposes data hosting in a sovereign, secure and green IT cloud

To meet these challenges, Le Cloud by Coexya offers :

  • A tailor-made, full-service model to ensure end-to-end service: implementation, maintenance and running,
  • A unique contact for our customers,
  • 24/7 intervention to meet availability requirements,
  • Production and pre-production platforms hosted in sovereign data centres in Strasbourg, Lyon and Paris,
  • ISO27001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification, which guarantees the protection of sensitive data,
  • A SecNumCloud qualification process is in progress,
  • A reduced carbon footprint through a committed approach to GreenIT.

Our strength: agility in the implementation of French cloud solutions

Le Cloud by Coexya allows a global support of IT projects, from the design to the operation of solutions which is a major factor of  agility for organizations.

Christophe Adet, IT Manager at Amarenco France, says
With Le Cloud by Coexya, we were able to deploy our first Nuxeo document service in less than 2 months and benefit from the ECM expertise of a recognized integrator.