Community management software for service users

You can manage the relationships between service users and their local communities and authorities.

Community management for service users

CityZen is a modular solution giving you complete control over the relationship between services users and their local communities and authorities. It is designed to meet the challenges faced by public administrations and seamlessly integrates into their IT systems. CityZen operates as much as is possible with software already in place without causing any compatibility issues.

The advantages

  • Omnichannel by nature
  • Complete digitalisation
  • User satisfaction
  • Optimises processes
  • Customisable IT system integration
  • Regulatory compliance

Customised CRM solutions for your services, departments and employees in the field

Our CityZen solution complements any system already in place by providing that missing piece of the puzzle. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the processes and resources at play in your service user relations. CityZen can be rolled out in stages for a pragmatic and effective solution for local authorities and their users. 

Our know-how

CityZen runs off of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform and is used in a Cloud or On-premise mode depending on the administration’s choices.

They use CityZen

CityZen is perfect for all public administrations seeking to improve user satisfaction while fully harnessing the internal organisation’s ability to handle requests.


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