Interoperability, an essential component to the success of any e-health project

Exchange your health data securely and in accordance with current guidelines.

Interoperability is the ability for information systems to communicate while complying with national and international standards. Thanks to a common technical and semantic language, applications can exchange and share data in complete security.

The French Digital Health Agency (ANS) has produced the Cadre d’Interopérabilité des Systèmes d’Information de Santé or Health Information Systems Interoperability Framework (CI-SIS) that proposes technical and semantic rules for exchanging and sharing of health data.

We have been working on interoperability projects for over 15 years and fully grasp the latest norms and standards in force.

Technical interoperability

At the regional level

Over the last few years, we have been developing regional treatment coordination software solutions as part of the Territoires de Soins Numériques (TSN) and e-Parcours programmes. The aim is to coordinate patient care between the various health care professionals and organisations in the town and hospital. Technically, this translates into sharing information between these professionals, regardless of which applications are used. In concrete terms, hundreds of hospital reports are sent automatically every day from hospitals to patient coordination files.

At a national level

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, we are in the process of setting up a network for the creation of DMPs (DMP V1) from hospital information systems and the medical documents which make them up (DMP V1 and DMP V2).

We link our messaging software with Messageries Sécurisées de Santé (MSS) for use by healthcare professionals.

Semantic interoperability

Interoperability is not just the ability to exchange information. It also means understanding its content at a semantic level, and therefore its meaning, thanks to a common language.

This common language includes the use of reference terminologies (Snomed, ICD-10, CCAM . Mesh, Loinc, …) and their construction, The applications can exchange information in an intelligent and comprehensible way, without human intervention.

We have an unrivalled knowledge in this field, particularly with the implementing Consore and multi-terminology server projects.

Our technical expertise

Technologies and standards have evolved over the years, as has the expertise of our teams – IHE, HL7 CDA, HL7 FHIR, DICOM.

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A French leader in medical interoperability. Coexya has joined forces with Enovacom to provide turnkey interoperability solutions for eParcours projects.

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