Dark Diver: The case manager of the Dark Web and hidden networks

The solution for businesses and organisations that want to protect their assets and detect potential leaks.

Monitoring the dark web to protect your assets


Dark Diver is a case manager including an advanced multilingual search engine dedicated to investigating the dark web and clandestine networks. With a powerful analysis capacity of 550,000,000 documents and 5 terabytes of raw text (2023), Dark Diver is positioned as a leading solution against hacking and counterfeiting, assisting analysts and generating clear results through detailed reports.


Dark Diver’s main objectives are:

  • Simplify access to hidden networks,
  • Proactively monitor your assets,
  • Detect information leaks and illicit activities.



An intelligent solution to detect leaks and illicit activities


This monitoring tool offers a wide range of functions, including: 

  • Outsourcing Dark Web monitoring,
  • Detection of suspicious behaviour,
  • Periodic reporting (weekly, monthly) and alerts.


An essential solution for the effective monitoring and management of sensitive information on the dark web and beyond, developed with our technology partner and source  Aleph network.

  • 01

    An optimised experience by eliminating tedious and repetitive monitoring tasks:

    • A powerful cross-lingual search engine,
    • Intelligent filtering of noise and irrelevant domains,
    • Integrated and scalable intelligent agents,
    • Clear contextualisation,
    • Saved queries with notification engine,
    • Mass search capability.
  • 02

    Enhanced understanding and structured content

    • Advanced structuring using an entity-relationship-property model,
    • Management of relevant passages,
    • Classification and open tagging,
    • On-line translation,
    • Management of comments and sharing between cases,
    • Materialization of source modifications.
  • 03

    Manage, distribute and export your data with ease

    • Intuitive file management and tracking,
    • Graph display for better understanding,
    • Customisable selection filters,
    • Exportable reports (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel),
    • Export to various formats (GraphML, NodeXL, I2 products),
    • On-demand connectors for easy integration into your system.