Electronic archiving system: dematerialising and storing your documents in a safe way

Ensure the durability, integrity, security and traceability of your archive documents.

Why implement an application solution for the preservation of digital archives?

Electronic archiving of documents is based on the same principles as analogue archiving, but it is not only limited to storage and preservation, it addresses many issues related to its digital nature:

  • Long-term document preservation
  • Compliance with regulations in terms of archive retention
  • Securing important documents
  • Build up a historical heritage

Equipping your information system with an electronic records management system means ensuring the durability, integrity, security and traceability of your archive documents.

A specialised competence centre to meet the objectives and challenges of e-archiving

Availability, compliance, probative value, security and integrity are the objectives of the archiving solutions implemented by Coexya. We offer a comprehensive support approach:

  • Advice on the choice of solution
  • Study and scoping of the implementation project
  • Design and implementation of the EAS and the connector between your business applications and the EAS

Coexya, assists you in defining your digital document archiving strategy and in your implementation project

We help you to define your electronic archiving project. We carry out studies by accompanying you step by step in the definition of the prerequisites for the implementation of an SAE

1. Support on electronic archiving strategies :

  • Definition of the archiving policy
  • Analysis and qualification of technical and functional requirements
  • Choice of the solution best suited to your needs, taking into account your technical environment and your budget

2. Preparing the prerequisites for the implementation of an EAS :

  • Qualification of descriptive, management and technical metadata
  • Definition and implementation of archiving profiles
  • Definition of repositories (formats, ontology, preservation)

3. Implementation of the EAS :

  • Deployment of hybrid archiving solutions (paper and digital)
  • Deployment of SAE
  • Deployment of connectors between business applications and EDM to the SAE


Our strengths : strong expertise in digital archiving solutions and document management workflow systems


We have a thorough understanding of the issues and problems faced, and we are committed to working throughout the document lifecycle, thanks to our specialist consultants in electronic archiving, who are graduates of specialised training courses (ENSSIB).

In our implementation projects and studies, our approach is built on the best practices for conservation as defined in the NF Z42-013:2020 standard.

We are also a member of the VITAM users’ club and a member of the Association des Archivistes Français (AAF).

Public sector digitization: solutions to make it happen!


Digitization of the public sector may have accelerated during the health crisis, but it is still far from optimal, both for employees and for citizens. The reason for this is that the tools used do not meet everyone’s needs.

Archimag’s editorial team, with the contribution of Coexya’s EAS (Electronic Archiving System) teams and other players in the sector, have written this e-book that reviews the technologies to be deployed and shares feedback and best practices to support public sector players in their digitization project.


Download the e-book in french