Send your business into the digital age with a tailor-made E-commerce / Marketplace!

E-commerce or marketplace? What type of tool should you choose to get your B2B business online?

With exponential growth over the last two decades and in a world where everything is online, e-commerce has become absolutely essential for most B2B and B2C companies wanting to remain competitive and grow.

As business has become highly global and competitive, brick and mortar shops are steadily disappearing. Online shopping makes it possible to reach a much wider market, offer an extensive product catalogue, simplify the act of purchasing, and drastically reduce the time between placing an order and the delivery of products.

Identify the business challenges and key differentiators

The sheer number of competitors and price parity means that just having an online presence will just not do. You need to stand out from the crowd by developing a competitive edge and key differentiators:

  • A fluid and perfect shopping experience with a carefully designed UX/UI in keeping with your brand,
  • Personalised online services (recommendations, dedicated or grouped prices, discount codes, etc.),
  • Fostering trust in your site through product scoring, real-time order tracking and managing how well requests and incidents are fulfilled.
  • Building a lasting relationship with your customers by leveraging key data from your CRM and ERP
  • Enhancing your product catalogue and welcoming new customers by aggregating your partners’ offers, or matching your offers with those of your partners, thanks to the use of Marketplace functions.

To succeed in your digital transformation, Coexya’s experts provide you with their understanding of the challenges your business faces, and their functional and technical feedback will guide you towards success by putting in place the right solution to help you conquer new markets.

Our key differentiators

  • A team of expert consultants capable of working upstream with your teams and our specialised desktop publishing partners can help refine your business model and guide you towards the best eCommerce or Marketplace solution for you
  • End-to-end project support with a fixed-price guarantee so you can stay on top of your costs and project lead time
  • An in-house digital agency specialised in UX/UI capable of pushing your brand identity, creating a user experience that is completely personalised and adapted to your customers’ expectations, and complies with current practices and standards
  • Renowned technical expertise in the field of interconnecting systems (ETL, MDM, MicroServices) that guarantees your eCommerce site or Marketplace works perfectly with your product catalogue/PIM, ERP, CRM and systems used by suppliers and partners
  • Expertise in web content management/CMS to give you comprehensive services on your site and facilitate its daily management by your teams
  • Predictive artificial intelligence modules to analyse your data, improve your offers and carry out the best level of operational management.

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