Dematerialisation solutions for intellectual property processes

Intellectual property rights management software for national offices and international organisations.


Intellectual property as a driver of innovation


Intellectual property refers to all intellectual assets that can be effectively protected through copyright, patents, trademarks, designs and models. They are critical to the emergence of an innovative and creative environment.

Intellectual property rights are tools in the fight against counterfeiting and unfair competition and allow their creator to reap the benefits and moral recognition.

As factors of innovation, the management and protection of these rights is are essential because they enable the fight against unfair competition and contribute to the value of companies.

How to deal with prior art search, monitoring and management of intellectual property rights?

Coexya’s SIP business unit is dedicated to the development of solutions and products for the intellectual property market. This division has a staff of about 50 people, all of whom are involved in the design and development of solutions for the digitisation of intellectual property rights management processes through products, services and consulting.

Coexya is a publisher of intellectual property rights management software

Our double expertise , business expertise and technological knowledge have given rise to several specialised software solutions:

Ptolemy by Coexya and Acsepto by Coexya are the two main customised software solutions that provide services to national offices as well as to agents and private companies. They represent the core of the IPR process management system and provide their services through web applications. Beyond the administration of procedures and files, they equip organisations with end-to-end digital business tools.

These solutions support our clients in :

  • Filing and registration/processing of patents, trademarks, designs and models,
  • Maintaining industrial property rights and managing associated fees and charges
  • Prior rights searches or preliminary searches, in particular for trademark logos
  • Management and development of intellectual property rights
  • Archiving, classification and dissemination of patent documentation 
  • Search and classification of patents, trademarks, designs and domain names, with reference to the international classifications administered by WIPO

Ptolemy by Coexya


Ptolemy is a case management platform that allows organisations to manage all intellectual property rights on a common platform: files, administrative and business processes, and communications with third parties. It offers its users a multilingual interface that can be customised according to their needs, as well as direct access to several web-based functionalities: data management and analysis, electronic document editing, and communication space.


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Acsepto by Coexya

Acsepto is a trademark prior art search product used by applicants for preliminary searches and by offices for examination or watch searches. The trademark and logo similarity detection engines benefit from Artificial Intelligence to facilitate and improve the process of verbal and figurative trademark searches in national and international databases. ACSEPTO is also available for other intellectual property rights, such as designs. Acsepto uses international classifications and also allows images to be classified (AI-based and manually) according to the Vienna Classification which describes the figurative elements of trademarks. The Acsepto solution also includes a large number of capabilities that make it a powerful tool for any organisation concerned with search, prior analysis and the protection of intellectual property rights.

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Coexya has a double expertise for your intellectual property rights management solutions

The combination of business knowledge and IT know-how allows us to offer customised business application development services, taking advantage of our numerous innovation and R&D projects. The support of the Coexya group and its skills centres also provides us with the assurance of state-of-the-art developments in all the technological components required by our customers (Cloud, Green IT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc.). Thus, for more than 25 years, we have developed an expertise and taken charge of numerous projects for various clients throughout the world.

They already work with us

Coexya SIP provides services to international agents, governments through industrial property offices and institutes, as well as to intellectual property divisions within private companies.


At the French National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI), new technologies and in particular artificial intelligence are used to industrialise processes. Coexya has provided a solution for the indexing of trademark logos based on these technologies in 2021.


The UK Intellectual Property Office has taken up the challenge of trademark clearance searches with the Acsepto by Coexya solutions. The multi-parametric verbal and figurative confrontation of new trademarks allows the preliminary analysis and examination against a fund of several million existing elements.


The overall modernisation of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office's rights management system has been led by our teams since 2017. The maintenance and legislative evolution of this dynamic system is ensured through multi-year contracts, a sign of renewed mutual trust.


The Intellectual Property Office of Norway is constantly striving for innovation and efficiency. Our teams have been responding to this ongoing challenge while maintaining IP management systems for day-to-day operational needs for almost 20 years.


Multi-year agreements are in place with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) for the maintenance and evolution of all of the country's intellectual property rights management systems. Our teams work closely with the business analysts to improve the system in order to provide the most efficient way to monitor legislative changes and to provide tools to the general public.


In order to be at the forefront of efficiency in the management of intellectual property rights, the Cyprus Intellectual Property Section has chosen the Ptolemy by Coexya and Acsepto by Coexya solutions since 2006. The renewed trust and maintenance of the systems by Coexya's specialized teams.


Since 2013, the Industrial Property Office of Colombia (under the responsibility of the Superintendencia por Industria y Commercio) trusts Coexya for the implementation and maintenance of its intellectual property rights management system as well as for its trademark prior art search system.


The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland was one of our first clients, digitising their system with early versions of Ptolemy for intellectual property rights, and trademarks prior art searching with Acsepto. More than 20 years later, Coexya is still the provider of the upgraded system and associated maintenance.


The Swedish Intellectual Property Office remains at the forefront of trademark clearance by relying on Coexya and its Acspeto by Coexya solution. This renewed trust has led to the installation of Acsepto version 11 in 2022.