Smart Urban Mobility

Transport management is changing as transport takes on new forms. How can you respond to this from implementation to decision analysis?

For over 10 years, we have partnered with of major transport authorities and operators focused on the design and implementation of digital programmes that make it possible to provide innovative services for new forms transport.

As pioneers in the field, we have expertise and techniques to support our clients in this truly digital transport revolution that has to be environmentally friendly and allow companies to offer innovative services to their employees.

We have developed strategic and technological partnerships with many recognised players in France and abroad who make up a rich and rapidly changing sector.

Our technical expertise

  • Audit, consulting, and industrialisation
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of digital solutions
  • Service platforms, and web and mobile business applications
  • Management, performance, and quality
  • Multi-platform cloud

Our functional expertise

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Mobility Service Provider (MSP), Company Travel Plan (PDE), and Administration Travel Plan (PDA)
  • Corporate Mobility Account (LOM), unified user accounts, and identity federation
  • Traveller information, PRM, accessibility, route calculation, intermodality, and real time
  • Public transport, bikes, bike-sharing, carpooling, and car-sharing
  • Predictive analysis, Data Lake, and Big Data
  • Open Transport, Open Source, Open Data, and Open Service