Modern Productivity

Get the most out of your information to accelerate business processes and increase employee satisfaction

Adapt your collaboration tools to your organisation and the challenges of the new digital age.

The end result is better productivity by making business processes faster and creating the enriching digital experience that your employees have to come to expect.

Digital Workplace / Intranet / Extranet

We put in place a simple, effective and scalable 360° solution suitable for your business based on the best turnkey capabilities Microsoft 365 has to offer: SharePoint Online, Teams, Stream, Forms, PowerPlatform. In one place, our employees have access to all information, colleagues and teams that they need to know about to carry out their daily work.

Via our software partners, we help you rapidly achieve your project goals and guarantee the sustainability and consistency of your Digital Workplace environment with the Microsoft roadmap.

We can customise critical features where necessary thanks to our development experience and the technical capabilities provided by Microsoft: Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Framework, Logic Apps.


Agile Apps Factory

  • Rapidly roll out modern and efficient collaborative applications to make your business processes faster.
  • Eliminate unnecessary emails and Excel files, and automate mundane user tasks
  • Tailor your Teams to your business needs and use your custom application
  • Modernise your users’ search for information on business topics
  • Integrate your SharePoint Online applications with Teams (EDM, Intranet, etc.)
  • Simplify gathering information using ergonomic reflexes that are quick to implement.

A few examples of solutions we have set up for our clients:

  • Reservations (rooms, cars, etc.)
  • CSE portal for your employees (information, orders, inscriptions)
  • Benchmarking supplier quotations
  • Automating access request to a business application
  • Teams as a Business Platform – very customisable team models and automated business rules
  • Managing distributor complaints collaboratively

Compliance and security of your collaborative environment

Digital Bulk, GDPR regulations, data breaches, all these issues need to be identified, categorised and managed in order to guarantee your employees have a secure working environment in which they trust.

We help you define, configure, roll out and monitor your lifecycle management and data protection strategies for data stored or created in Office 365: SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive.

We guide you through a three-step iterative process to decide how you can best take advantage of the “compliance management and data protection” capabilities available via your Microsoft 365 licences.

Integrated Electronic Document Management Solutions

Capture, Classification, Security, Automation, Search and User Navigation are the foundations of an effective EDM solution that build your business processes. Then add in artificial intelligence, document recognition automation and information extraction to improve your document classification quality.

In carrying out your EDM project, we provide you with our technical and functional expertise in SharePoint’s enterprise content management capabilities (whether on a server or cloud environment) and our business expertise in information governance.

Our partners


Beezy provides content management and sharing functions (news, page publishing) and has networks making automating business processes easy.

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Powell Software

Powell Software makes putting in place and rolling out modern digital solutions a breeze with Powell Intranet (using Microsoft 365) and meets your communication and collaboration needs.

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Witivio offers turnkey, customisable chatbot solutions that give organisations a modern, efficient and simple employee experience.

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With the Nintex platform, managing, automating and optimising your processes quickly and intelligently will transform your business.

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Valo Intranet easily provides your intranet and digital workplace with preconfigured solutions for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

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