Enterprise Service Management (ESM), connect the stakeholders in your company

Optimising your employee experience by digitising and automating your processes



Why should you digitise and automate your business processes?


Many business tasks and processes are still too often carried out manually, resulting in excessively long response times and frequent mistakes. In addition, the growing number of sources of exchange (email, telephone, chat, etc.) makes it difficult to track information and exchanges between the various players and departments of an organisation.


Une plateforme employee expérience pour garantir l’agilité et la transparence des échanges


Enterprise Service Management (ESM) enables several tools to be integrated into a single platform in the cloud. An intelligent workflow system streamlines and automates tasks and flows of information.

Automated IT and operational processes improve efficiency, optimise business productivity and guarantee transparency of information.

CloudSpirit by Coexya is an integrator of the ServiceNow solution


ServiceNow is a leading solution for digitising workflows, structuring and simplifying interactions between company stakeholders (business and support services).

The ServiceNow platform provides service management for all the company’s departments: IT, HR and security workflows, as well as external services, which facilitate customer and supplier relations.

Available in SAAS mode, the solution offers an optimised user experience, providing a high level of service while giving company employees autonomy.

Expertise in ServiceNow ESM applications

CloudSpirit by Coexya is a ServiceNow partner. Our team of enthusiastic and expert consultants provides cutting-edge and cross-functional expertise in the Servicenow platform. With the user experience at the centre of our approach, and backed up by the solid expertise of our team, each and every one of our projects is driven by our ongoing commitment to improvement and satisfaction.

Our expertise :
1. Consulting : Whether you already have ServiceNow or not, we can advise you on the solution to get the most out of it and improve your productivity.
2. Build : Based on your business requirements, we carry out the design, both functional and technical, while respecting the best practices recommended by ServiceNow.
3. Run : Configuration & development. We implement the ServiceNow solution, from basic configuration to advanced applications.
4. Coaching : We support your teams to help them develop their skills so that they become autonomous in using the solution.

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ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers workflow automation solutions to improve business productivity

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