E-publishing: Manage and optimise your multi-channel customer communication

Customer communication management platforms that meet new needs


Why a good document flow management strategy provides a successful customer experience ?

Today, companies are dealing with challenges related to communication with their customers. The number of communication channels is increasing, the need for personalisation is becoming stronger and stronger, the digital revolution is accelerating and legal requirements are becoming more stringent.


Multi-channel communication is at the core of development strategies

Desktop publishing places IT at the centre of your communication. Based on your customer data, desktop publishing tools will enable you to design your communication media, then generate your documents on a massive scale.
These are personalised with your data, in the format of your choice (ex PDF for archiving, postal dispatch, SMS, email, online availability, website, etc.).

Coexya offers support in the implementation of CCM platforms

Customer Communication Management (CCM)

  • Audit, support, advice
  • Document migration
  • Implementation of the CCM base
  • Integration with business applications ( invoicing system), ERP, CRM
  • Sorting / Consolidation / Splitting
  • Implementation of document production monitoring through a web portal

Customisation and targeting of communications

  • Creation of a rationalised and optimised document database
  • Delegating document design to the business lines
  • Delegation to the business units of the management of marketing campaigns and customised sales campaigns
  • Multi-channel and multi-media distribution

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

  • Implementation of CXM platform
  • E-document generation
  • Digitalisation of the customer journey
  • Marketing data management (Segmentation, Targeting, Data-Driven)