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Fighting illegal activities such as counterfeiting, fraud and doping requires intelligent and learning systems.

We cover the entire life cycle of the investigation

Fighting illegal activities such as counterfeiting, fraud and doping requires intelligent and learning systems. These systems assist analysts in their complex thinking, research and analysis to suggest credible and operational options. This is called “actionable intelligence”.


An investigation solution built on innovative parts: reporting desk, data pipeline, data mining, geospatial analysis, visual investigation and case management.

Investigating is rapidly developing in public and private organisations. Analysts in charge of these wide-ranging activities are still poorly equipped from an IT point of view and are demanding better and faster results. Coexya provides an innovative approach based on modular intelligence components that meet the challenges faced by analysts.

A business management tool in the fight against counterfeiting networks

This solution allows for centralized file management in counterfeiting cases (physical and digital) in order to:

  • Improve the qualitative monitoring of cases
  • Add relevant external resources and create relationships between cases to dismantle networks and channels more efficiently

The tool is composed of case management, data analysis and graphical representation modules to help highlight relationships between cases.

The main features are:

  • Centralized management of counterfeiting cases, associated tasks, judicial follow-up, billing follow-up…
  • Online management of counterfeiting cases
  • Possibility to exchange messages directly in each cases with the providers
  • Ability to add in multiple attachments and external resources
  • Advanced search of all data (all case information, offenders, attachments, …)
  • Creation of relationships between cases, offenders involved that enable networks to be dismantled
  • Highlighting the main counterfeiting routes (importing locations, shipping locations, seizure locations)
  • Statistical and graphical analysis of data depending on your needs
  • Monitoring other events linked to your counterfeiting management: training, requests for intervention, etc.
  • Email notifications about file monitoring (customisable according to your needs and user typologies)


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