Roll out search solutions to aggregate enterprise data

Roll out a search solution to aggregate data from heterogeneous sources and provide a single point of access to information under the best performing conditions.



How to connect different data sources through the internal search engine?



Information search and management is more essential than ever and has been driving companies for more than 10 years to implement search engines to match structured and unstructured information

Data search engines to simplify access and management of data


Coexya implements various search engine solutions, according to the needs and technical environments of its clients, to aggregate data from heterogeneous sources, whether structured or unstructured, and to transform data clusters into unified searchable knowledge bases.

Coexya is an expert in search engine development and implementation

We are able to implement web search engine projects such as enterprise search engines or cognitive search engines with advanced processing of structured and unstructured information via Automatic Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning components.

Cognitive Search integrates the power of artificial intelligence

We have supported the technological evolution of these tools, which have now largely overcome the simple use of document search, to respond to advanced use cases: synthetic views such as 360° vision, technical and competitive intelligence, expert search, dashboards on structured and textual data, etc.

We implement search tools to facilitate quick access to relevant information by providing a single point of access to documents from multiple sources.

  • Identify similar documents (close, versions, duplicates)
  • Link content to promote bouncing between related documents
  • Synthesize information through business-oriented views that summarize the main information and allow for drill down according to the user’s needs and profile

We integrate the latest technology in language data processing: NLP, Machine Learning

The data indexing chain now integrates advanced text analysis components (Natural Language Processing), content classification (machine learning models), and similar document detection, bringing these platforms to a new level of intelligence to extract useful information from raw text.

Gartner’s presentation of search platforms as Insight Engines captures the technological evolution from document search to recommending useful information to the user.

We propose our advice and our technical knowledge to the development of your enterprise search engine solutions

Our sector knowledge and our project experience allow us to operate as a consulting integrator, advising our clients on the key success factors for the deployment of a search engine, regardless of the technologies used.

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Sinequa offers the key features of an enterprise search platform: a large catalog of connectors to interface with over 150 types of data sources, a comprehensive web administration interface, an extensible user interface template, natural language processing components and machine learning.

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Algolia is a search solution and a complete suite of APIs in a SaaS model that allows teams to easily develop fast and personalized search experiences that meet user and business expectations.

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At the center of the Elastic suite, this powerful and scalable search engine allows to address various use cases, from indexing and searching application logs (key use of the ELK suite), to documentary search or to searches combining structured criteria and full text search.

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The Cloud Search solution allows you to search across an organization's entire data set, while taking advantage of Google Cloud's reliable, high-performance infrastructure.

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Mindbreeze InSpire is an enterprise search solution packaged as an appliance.

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