Our solution Odymine

Odymine: 360° vision of the patient and personalised medicine

Revolutionising the management of real-life data in oncology


Odymine is an innovative solution developed by Coexya for the management of real-life data (RWD) in oncology. Designed to meet the needs of medical centres and the pharmaceutical industry, Odymine centralises data, creates cohorts and evaluates treatments, providing a complete and personalised view of the patient journey.

Centralisation, Analysis and Security: Advanced Data Management in Oncology

Odymine centralises and consolidates real-life oncology data, uses NLP to extract medical information, creates and manages patient cohorts, and enables advanced data analysis including medical imaging and radiotherapy, while ensuring the secure sharing of information between medical centres.

Data Collection and Consolidation

  • Centralisation of existing data in a secure local warehouse.
  • Data extraction using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to exploit information from medical reports.

Cohort creation and management

  • Precise identification of patients to create cohorts sharing common characteristics.
  • Analysis of data including medical imaging and radiotherapy for in-depth evaluation of treatments.

Information sharing and security

  • Controlled sharing of multi-centre information, while preserving the confidentiality of raw data in the centres.
  • Compliance with standards and regulations to guarantee the security of patient data.

Advanced data analysis

  • Use of big data and artificial intelligence technologies to structure and analyse information.
  • Supporting clinical decision-making and medical research by exploiting structured and unstructured data.

A Powerful Tool for Optimal Data Management in Oncology

Odymine facilitates the internal analysis of clinical results, post-market clinical evaluations, collaboration and the pooling of data between different medical centres, as well as the search for predictive models to personalise care and improve treatments in oncology.

Practical Applications

  1. Internal Analysis of Clinical Outcomes: enables medical centres to evaluate treatment outcomes and improve care protocols.
  2. Post-Market Clinical Evaluations: facilitates the ongoing evaluation of treatments after they have been placed on the market, to guarantee their efficacy and safety.
  3. Collaboration and Data Sharing: encourages collaboration between different medical centres by sharing data in a secure and controlled way.
  4. Predictive Model Research: assists in the research and development of predictive models to anticipate responses to treatment and personalise care.

A global solution for optimal management of real-life data in oncology

Odymine is deployed in the majority of the Unicancer Federation’s Cancer Centres, proof of its effectiveness and relevance. By offering data centralisation, advanced analysis and optimum security, Odymine enables healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care, personalise treatments and advance medical research.