Open Data

Helping organisations to open up their data.

Make your data available to your partners, clients and users, and consume external data available on the web.

A major leader in ‘web of data’ for several years

In line with the W3C’s “web of data” method, we rely on the standards and tools of the semantic web to display structured data in a standardised, interoperable format that can be used automatically by machines.

The biggest feature of this technology is for Open Data needs, mainly driven by institutions, to make data available to citizens. But this technology can also be used in the corporate world internally as repositories, externally to display data for partners or harvested/consumed as third-party data.

Our Semantic Web expertise

We analyse the business domain and design an ontological model reusing standardised vocabularies. We transform the data into RDF format for public display respecting best practice via warehouses providing technical (sparqenpoint) or more user-friendly query interfaces.

These initiatives are especially attractive to the legislative (open law), cultural, and health sectors and by public institutions and organisations which want to give information to citizens.

Knowledge modelling:

  • Creation/use of repositories
  • Content aggregation
  • Reasoning: Inference and deduction
  • Dissemination in an easily interpretable/integrable format
  • SHACL data validation

Semantic web:

  • Data provided in standard Open Data format
  • Enrichment with external data exposed in web-based repositories