Smart Territories: designing the future of territories

Digital technology is shaping the territories of the future

How do technological infrastructures make territories more intelligent and sustainable?


The concept of Smart Territories is the promise of a healthier and more sustainable urbanism and territory thanks to tailor-made digital solutions that optimise the daily missions of network managers and communities:

  • Identify, exploit and share assets and data,
  • Manage risks and regulations, ensure personal safety,
  • Improve the operational performance of the network, automate business processes,
  • Ensure the energy transition and digital transformation.

Smart cities and smart territories: the use of data for intelligent Geographic Information Systems

Coexya supports city and regional players in understanding territorial challenges and optimizing business processes associated with mobility, network asset management, land use planning and facility management.

By capitalising on our strong experience as an IT integrator, we offer real business know-how for your smart territories platforms and infrastructures: Scalable, intelligent, connected, secure and attractive

Coexya is present on all the strategic pillars of the digital transformation of territories

Our double technological expertise (GIS and Smart Data) as well as our capacity to adapt to all technical solutions allow us to set up observatories of territorial dynamics and sustainable tools for decision support, integrating 6 main fields :

  • Mobility: sustainable mobility support (MaaS), route calculation, unified ticketing, accessibility, passenger information, ability to predict traffic and load in public transport, geolocation and vehicle fleet management…
  • Environment: natural risk management, emission monitoring, green and blue networks, naturalist inventories, forestry, air and water quality, resource and waste management…,
  • Energy: management of networks to optimise consumption, manage risks and personal safety and ensure the energy transition,
  • Health: patient care: health data interoperability, care coordination and telemedicine,
  • Safety: risk management, personal safety, regulatory compliance,
  • Citizenship: data sharing and information exchange for a better quality of life.


Our dual IT expertise to support your smart city and territory of the future strategy

Coexya relies on its dual expertise to meet your projects;

  • The geographic information system, which is one of the group’s historical areas
  • Smart Data

Our objective is to understand your business in order to better support you in your digital transition, thanks to tailor-made solutions for your operational processes and decision support.

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