Place Blockchain at the heart of your projects

Blockchain technology gives you added security, transparency and efficiency in a decentralised and independent manner.

Factors at stake

Blockchain technology proposes many high-value features, including:

Universal Time-stamping

Often simpler to use than a PKI and trusted entity approach, its probative value is already accepted in many courts around the world, for example in Italy, China and numerous jurisdictions in the United States.

Unfalsifiable Data Recording

What is written remains in a Blockchain, as set in stone. This functionality is perfect for storing unchangeable audit trails (For example: traceability of a food product), for documentary integrity checking via the storage of the unique fingerprint of a digital document (For example: transformation of EDM into ERMS) or to generate proof of anteriority in terms of intellectual property.

Smart Contracts to Automate Basic Processing

Simple and efficient, a smart contract makes it possible to automate data processing and transactions in a decentralised manner. The Banking sector is hence in the process of revolutionising its settlement-delivery chains for securities transactions.

Native Token Management

A Blockchain makes it very easy to create a points management system with points distributions and transfers between its participants. Above and beyond crypto currencies, this function is of interest to us in the field of securitisation of goods, loyalty points, voting rights, etc.

Unique Token Management

A “non fungible” token only exists in a single copy in a Blockchain. By associating the ownership of the unique token with that of tangible property (a car, a painting, a concert ticket), Blockchain becomes a phenomenal tool for managing titles of ownership.

Our Markets

We work on all kinds of projects. Through our historic business lines, we have however developed a specific Blockchain offering around certain subjects:

Blockchain and ECM

  • Using the Blockchain for electronic signatures
  • Adding a probative value to your electronic document storage platform
  • Certifying documents produced (invoices, proof of address, etc.)

Blockchain and Intellectual Property

  • Generating proof of anteriority for your copyrights and patents
  • Participating in market places for reselling your copyrights and patents
  • Automating your transfer/licencing/ annuity payments

Our Know-how

We can support you in both types of projects:

Blockchain is at the very centre of the project

For almost 20 years, Coexya has worked as a specialised integrator for niche technologies and this successful model also applies to Blockchain technology. We provide support whether your project begins with a blank page or specifications that take up several hundreds of pages.

Blockchain is a value-added element that complements your initial project

Coexya stands out in relation to numerous smaller companies thanks to its capacity to integrate a wide range of different technologies together. Our core business as an integrator makes us an ideal partner for this type of project.

The Tezos DigiSign platform

This OpenSource platform is made available by Coexya for “simple” mass electronic signatures that comply with the European eIDAS regulation (80% of the cases on the market). It allows companies and organisations to carry out the time-stamping documents, providing proof of origin or documentary precedence, and certifying content in repositories or electronic signatures.

Our software solution, TezosDigiSign, is based on the French blockchain TEZOS.


We believe in the interest of working collaboratively with our partners to provide our clients with the best possible quality of service:

  • 01

    Software and Blockchain Companies

    In our historical businesses, we have identified quality solutions that we are able to deliver to you in turnkey mode

  • 02

    Blockchain Service Companies

    The Blockchain ecosystem includes many small-sized companies comprised of well-respected experts. We federate these competences to seamlessly provide you with their skills within the scope of our projects.

  • 03

    Legal Counsels and Accounting Experts

    For projects that include crypto currencies, ICO, STO, or simply point management, we put you in touch with the market experts who will enable you to assess your project in the context of the regulatory framework in place.