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How is blockchain technology transforming many industries?

Blockchain offers many value-added features for many industries, including :

Native token management

A blockchain makes it very easy to create a system of token transfers between its participants. Cryptoassets have many facets, and many different uses. Beyond a possible stock value or use as a currency, we use cryptoassets on many types of projects: the field of asset securitization, loyalty points, voting rights, etc.

The NFT, a “non-fungible” token, exists in only one copy in a Blockchain. By linking the ownership of this single token to that of a physical asset (a car, a painting, a concert ticket), the Blockchain becomes a phenomenal tool for managing property titles, going far beyond the simple management of digital works of art.

A universal time stamp

What is recorded in a blockchain stays in a blockchain. It is one of the best digital evidence creation solutions on the market. Often simpler to use than an electronic signature approach using PKI and a trust organization, its evidentiary value is already accepted in many courts around the world such as in Italy, China or in many jurisdictions in the United States.

Forgery-proof data notarisation

Nothing is deleted in a blockchain. This functionality is perfect for storing immutable audit trails (ex. traceability of a food product), for document integrity control via the storage of the unique fingerprint of a digital document (e.g. transformation of an EDM into an electronic records management system) or for generating proof of prior art in the field of intellectual property.

Smart contracts to automate simple processes

Simple and efficient, a smart contract allows the automation of data and transaction processing in a decentralised way. The energy sector is investing in smart grids on blockchain, the traceability of containers in our international trade is facilitated by distributed registers, and our banking system is in the process of revolutionising its securities transaction settlement and delivery chains.

 Coexya is involved in blockchain technology with a model largely focused on innovation

For nearly 20 years Coexya has been a specialist integrator of specialized technologies, and this successful model also extends to the Blockchain. We assist you whether your project starts from scratch or from a specification of several hundred pages.

Coexya stands out from many smaller companies by its ability to integrate many different technologies together. Our integrator business makes us an ideal partner for this type of project.

To discover the challenges of blockchain and cryptoactives, Coexya offers a range of training and consulting services, from one to one follow-up for members of management committees of large groups to training provided in seminars for few participants.