Our solution Agopra

AGOPRA, the platform designed by healthcare professionals to facilitate the coordination of gynaecological and perinatal care.

AGOPRA, the innovative software solution in perinatal care

In a constantly evolving perinatal sector, the coordination and precision of care are more crucial than ever for professionals. AGOPRA stands out as the secure platform designed by and for professionals in the field, to coordinate gynaecological, obstetric, and neonatal care.

Accessible via the internet with a secure connection, AGOPRA represents an indispensable tool for all perinatal professionals, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.

A turnkey solution, designed by experts in the field

More than just software, AGOPRA is a trusted platform for coordinating perinatal care thanks to numerous features:


  • Rich and adapted content: whether for gynaecology, obstetrics, or child follow-up (maternity, resuscitation, intensive care), AGOPRA covers the entire care pathway with comprehensive medical and care records and a computerized information board.
  • Advanced functionalities: summary sheets, service plans, automated correspondence and liaison letters, automatic filling of the birth register and 8th-day Cerfa form, data exploitation, AGOPRA precisely meets the practical needs of professionals.
  • Security and Compliance: approved hosting of health data, secure professional authentication, hospital prescription assistance software.
  • Interoperability: AGOPRA is interoperable with the hospital information system (DPI, GAM, drug database, patient monitoring PMSI/acts) to avoid double entry and ensure continuity of care.

A solution already adopted by health structures and professionals

With more than 240,000 managed records and over 1,500 satisfied users, AGOPRA demonstrates its effectiveness and reliability daily.

Its expert design, advanced features, and commitment to security and interoperability make it the preferred choice of demanding professionals.

Join the AGOPRA community and secure patient care pathways within your establishment.