Geomod by Coexya, a leader in geomatics and modelling

With 25 years of expertise, Geomod by Coexya offers bespoke modelling tools and cartographic solutions.

Geomod by Coexya, a leader in geomatics and modelling

For over 25 years, Geomod has been publishing, distributing, and integrating high-value-added cartographic and scientific software, whether in the maritime domain with the production and use of standardised hydrographic and oceanographic products, or in the field of terrestrial geomatics with applications dedicated to the management of water, noise, and electromagnetic radiation.

At the beginning of 2022, Geomod joined the Coexya group, an independent leader in IT/Digital and Software. This merger allows both entities to continue their development in the field of geomatics.

Three main professions

  • 01

    Marine Geomatics

    Production of standardised marine charts (S57) and exploitation of navigation data.

  • 02

    Wave Propagation

    Modelling of acoustic and electromagnetic waves.

  • 03

    Water Management


Our marine geomatics tools: cartographic software and standardised hydrographic products

The Brest-based team at Geomod applies its expertise in marine geomatics by offering software solutions that allow the exploitation or production of standardised hydrographic and oceanographic products such as Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) or military layers (AML).

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Acoustic and electromagnetic wave propagation, our modelling and simulation tools

Mithra is a range of software developed in partnership with CSTB. These programs combine CSTB’s research power with Geomod’s responsiveness in development and support:

  • CSTB brings its expertise in the field of wave propagation
  • GEOMOD brings its expertise in geomatics and 3D modelling

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Urban development and prevention, our software solutions in the field of water management

River and urban developments under GEMAPI, management of water stress for water supply, Sustainable Management of Rainwater and flood prevention, population alerts, maintenance of networks…, hydraulic modelling is today an essential tool for local authorities, consultancy firms, and more broadly, managers of the small and large water cycle.

To progress together in the face of these new challenges, Geomod distributes high-performance software solutions for water management and has launched “GeoCommunity”, a collaborative platform for modellers.

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