EFS : new french mobile app « Don de sang »

The new app that saves lives

The mobile app Don de sang (Blood Donation) allows you to identify the different places of collection around you and facilitate appointments. It is scalable and will offer new services over app releases and updates.

Key player in the health sector for nearly 15 years, Coexya understands needs and issues of the French Blood Establishment (EFS), a customer for three years. Our collaboration covers several topics (CRM, Sharepoint, Biztalk) including the mobile app, the latest project.


EFS is renovating its information system in order to manage its donors, to retain them and furnish applications to facilitate the donation. This approach is part of a global context that influences both internal tools (CRM, donor management) and existing web applications. The mobile app development anchors in this ecosystem enriching it.

Blood donation app

The EFS mobile app allows locating collection points, consulting donation news, making a donation appointment or making a pledge. Donors have a private account to access their historical info, handle their preferences or make a request to create an account with the EFS.


Technical Environment



    Application EFS don de sang              Application EFS don de sang             Application EFS don de sang         Application EFS don de sang         application EFS don de sang           application EFS don de sang


Our know-how

Agile Mode Needs Collection.
In addition to the mobile development, our UX Design team worked on the project to offer an optimal user experience adapted to users.

Back Office development with a structuring impact on the IS of the EFS:

Supplier applications modification

API realisation (cartography, collection, making appointments)

Back Office development

Front Office