Interoperability to exchange health data securely and in accordance with current standards

Digital Health Agency

Coexya has developed a multi-terminology server for the ANS to centralise and standardise health information systems

One of the missions of the ANS is to promote the interoperability of healthcare IT systems, i.e. to formalise the sharing and exchange of data between the various public and private professionals.

This mission can be broken down operationally, among other ways:

  • By publishing and updating the “interoperability framework” repository
  • By producing test tools associated with this interoperability framework
  • By implementing this interoperability framework with a rolling out at national, regional and local levels

Coexya created the multi-terminology server that allows for the publication of semantic/terminology resources (nomenclatures, dictionaries, classifications, ontologies, alignments, value sets, translations) intended for interoperability.

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ANS projet Coexya


Creation of four modules:
1. A pre-processing module to unify the information formats provided by the production units (internal to the NSA, partners or others)
2. A module for managing this information
3. A validation module
4. A website to provide the public or authorised users with information. A ‘Google-like’ search engine is available to users, as well as a REST API to automate the exchange of information with other IT systems.

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