Open data display

Open data display

Implementation of an open data project for the Établissement de Communication et de Production Audiovisuelle de la Défense (Communication and Audiovisual Production Organisation of La Défense).

ECPAD has used the Imagesdéfense platform since 2016 and wanted to set up a data warehouse to give as many people as possible open data from the this platform, including the collections of still and moving images managed by the organisation.

This is conducted as part of a policy of disseminating public data by the French Ministry of Defence.

The purpose of this data warehouse is to allow any person, organization or institution to “harvest” all or part of the open data produced by ECPAD. It chooses to exhibit in standardised formats, respecting interoperable exchange protocols as a recognised at an international standard.

Project details:

This data warehouse gives you increased visibility of ECPAD’s digital collections on the Internet and virtually reconstitutes corpora from resources accessible on different sites to add into thematic portals or to be used in research works.


  • Transforming resources into other formats
  • The creation of an OAI warehouse

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