ViaTrajectoire, a secure website for personalized guidance

Simplify patient orientation: hospitalized people, elderly patients, people with disabilities

A portal for healthcare professionals and patients

ViaTrajectoire is a free and secure public service that offers personalized guidance in the medical field.

During his or her life, a patient can be oriented towards specialized structures:

  • Rehabilitation structure following a hospitalization,
  • Structure managing hospitalizations at home,
  • Institution specialized in the reception of disabled people,
  • Institution of accommodation for dependent elderly people,

Thanks to ViaTrajectoire, healthcare professionals and patients can find the right institution, create and track the status of their file online.

Why Coexya ?

Coexya has been developing ViaTrajectoire since its creation in 2005. In addition to its technical expertise in a wide range of technologies, Coexya has demonstrated its ability to maintain an expert team over time that updates its knowledge as the challenges in the field of personal orientation evolve.

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A reference at the national level

First intended for orientation in the Rhône-Alpes region, ViaTrajectoire is now the national reference tool and is included in the foundation services of the digital health doctrine.

In a few figures,  ViaTrajectoire is :

  • 35,000 connections per day
  • 165,000 professional users in institutions
  • 44,000 private doctor users
  • 580,000 patients