Aquilab joins the Coexya Group

Lyon, April 21st 2022

Coexya, independent leader in the digital sector as an integrator, software publisher and consulting firm, announces the acquisition of Aquilab, a publisher specializing in the health sector.

This acquisition allows Coexya to consolidate its leading position in the healthcare sector and more specifically in oncology.

Based in the North of France, Aquilab is a software publisher with more than 20-years’ experience in oncology. Its range of software and services is aimed at improving the quality of treatment:

  • ARTISCAN ensures the quality of imaging and radiotherapy equipment
  • ARTIVIEW improves the preparation and evaluation of radiotherapy treatments
  • ONCO PLACE, which has 3,300 users, evaluates and identifies new therapeutic strategies through the collecting and analysis of clinical trial data.

The merger between Coexya and Aquilab naturally provides complementarity in the field of multicentre clinical studies : Coexya has the CONSORE solution to create patient cohorts, and Aquilab, of the ONCO PLACE solution to manage clinical trials. Coexya will be able to share its technical expertise with Aquilab’s 350 customers in Europe, and Aquilab will be able to accelerate its product development thanks to Coexya’s recognized skills in data processing and artificial intelligence.

The health sector represents 15% of the Coexya Group’s activities. The company operates in this sector as a software editor, with its OdyCare solution, and as an integrator. Coexya understands the challenges of its customers and supports them in their digital transition. Their ergonomic and adapted solutions facilitate the integration and use in the field of care coordination, patient
orientation and the enhancement of patient data.

Philippe Le Calvé, Chairman of Coexya
We are delighted to be joining forces with Aquilab in the health sector, which is particularly relevant to me. Our customers will benefit from a wider range of solutions in France and abroad. We are happy to welcome the new Aquilab employees to our structure and to allow the group to develop in the Lille area.
Communiqué de Presse - Acquisition Aquilab

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Coexya is an independent digital player, very active in the health sector.

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