Certification and integrity of documents with blockchain time stamping

New Nuxeo / Tediji connector uses Tezos public blockchain technology

Discover the Document Certification & Integrity with Blockchain Timestamping add-on from Coexya

Coexya, a long-time Nuxeo and Hyland partner, has launched a brand new Nuxeo / Tediji connector, available on the publisher’s marketplace.

It allows Nuxeo users to benefit for the first time from time-stamping, document certification and electronic signature features directly in their platform

In a nutshell, it is possible to:

  • Manually generate or automate digital evidence on blockchain,
  • Time-stamp and digitally sign your document on a public blockchain when it is entered or modified in a Nuxeo instance.

The Nuxeo output document can be quickly authenticated by third parties who can assess the document’s origin, integrity, and last modification date.

Easy to set up, this connector uses Tezos public blockchain technology to generate digital evidence in an industrial way with a low cost and low carbon footprint