Transparency Consulting : “Better call the Experts!”

Nos diagnostics d'Experts

Transparency Consulting offers expert diagnostics to help companies comply with regulatory traceability obligations, providing fast and effective consultation to identify priorities and manage the risks of non-compliance.


Regulatory traceability obligations: Are you ready?

From general product safety (RGSP) to the fight against deforestation (RDUE), from the AGEC law to the digital passport (DPP), from extra-financial reporting (CSRD) to the duty of vigilance (CS3D), regulatory traceability obligations are multiplying, impacting companies in terms of budget and organisation.

The means of compliance are often unclear, increasing the risk of non-compliance. So, are you ready? How can you comply with these obligations?

Our Coexya Consulting experts are here to help you find out. If you don’t know where to start, our diagnostics can help you identify your priorities by answering your key questions.


Product Safety and Compliance: Call on Our Experts

Our diagnostics are designed to help you quickly and efficiently on a tight budget. They include two 3-hour remote consultations, prepared in advance. You bring your documents and issues, and we study them together. At the end of these consultations, you will be better informed and more able to make informed decisions. We’ll provide you with a diagnostic report with the key elements identified and areas for improvement.


These diagnostics are aimed at decision-makers in compliance, risk management, insurance, quality, industrial risk, purchasing, legal and IT departments. They are led by  Jean-Luc Viruéga, Doctor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering, specialist in traceability and expert in industrial risks, assisted by Alain Broustail, Director of the Coexya Transparency offer and our senior IT consultants.




Can you answer these questions?

We currently offer the following diagnostics:



Are you ready to manage a product recall or withdrawal?

Whether it’s an internal or external non-conformity, or a requirement from an authority, a recall or withdrawal is every manufacturer’s nightmare. You need to make a rapid inventory of all the batches concerned, alert all the customers and sales outlets affected, and make sure that all the recalled or withdrawn products are properly contained. Do you have the necessary resources to manage this risk? How would you manage it if it happened tomorrow?



Can your data be used as evidence?

You will increasingly need to present your data as evidence, whether in disputes with business partners, legal challenges, infringement actions or official controls. Are you ready to prove the conformity of your products, compliance with your quality procedures, and the compliance of your subcontractors? How can you provide relevant data in the event of a dispute?



Are you ready to exercise your duty of vigilance?

Since 2017 in French law, and more recently at European level, the duty of vigilance means producing a vigilance plan to manage the risks generated by your subcontractors. You are responsible for the non-compliances of your subcontractors beyond rank N-1. Do you know all your subcontractors and do you know how to monitor them? Do you have the resources to process the necessary data exhaustively and to be alerted to dishonest behaviour by your suppliers?