BeautyMix: homemade cosmetics

Prepare your cosmetics with your mobile and your BeautyMix robot


BeautyMix is a complete solution (ingredients, recipes, robot) making the “Homemade Cosmetics” accessible to everyone.

The French startup BeautyByMe used our Web/Mobile& Cloud Development and Data & Analytics services centres to assist in the design, implementation and deployment of its BeautyMix application.

BeautyMix App

The app gather all the recipes, developped by a cosmetologist and tested in laboratory. It guids the user, little by little, trhought its “homemade cosmetics” mixture. 

The app enables diagnotics and personalizations of the recipes regarding your needs.  

Additionally, it contains an online shop where you can buy the different ingredients and save your mixtures in order to follow the tracability on their expiry date. 

It is available, for free, on AppStore and Android.

See their website

Our Know-How

Collect the needs in Agile mode

"Cross Plateform" Development

Based on Xamarin Forms in order to fit with different types of supports: Smartphone + Tablet

Plurilinguisme of the App

API management regarding contents within the back office

Implementation in the App Centre of analytics, on the mentoring of the app

Initiation of the connexion and bluetooth communication in prevision of the version allowing the robot driving