National Art History Institute (AGORHA)

Global and organised access to art history resources

AGORHA provides online access to historical and research repositories in the realm of art history and archaeology, produced by the Institut national de l’histoire de l’art or National Institute of Art History(INHA) and its partners. A collective endeavour, AGORHA is continually enriched with new records and repositories to reflect both the diversity and the interdisciplinary nature of the INHA’s specialisms.

Researchers have requested that this tool be redesigned in order to offer new features and start over with innovative subjects.


  • Data model based on standard vocabularies to integrate AGORHA in the art history “web of data” ecosystem
  • Ability to specify properties (and sub-properties) by research program
  • Possibility of editorializing research programs
  • Content display in a variety of formats and protocols
  • Taking into account best practice and that state of the art
  • Integration of recent web tools
  • Navigation map centred on research and completed by contextual menus
  • Ergonomics and updated design compared to the previous site

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