RealT selects Tediji from Coexya for its electronic signature procedures


RealT adopts Tediji from Coexya as the preferred solution for its electronic signature processes.

The company RealT is the most innovative player in the Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization market, a pioneer and leader in the field of tokenized real estate investment. For nearly 5 years now, and thanks to blockchain and decentralized finance, RealT enables its clients to invest with just a few clicks and starting from $50 in real estate.

Adhering to the existing regulatory framework, RealT clients must sign a number of legal documents to confirm their investment. In order to simplify and expedite this process, the company has chosen to use the electronic signature solution Tediji, developed by Coexya.


Beyond its comprehensive functional coverage and competitive pricing, it’s Tediji’s decentralized approach that convinced RealT. Tediji is indeed one of the most innovative electronic signature solutions on the market, relying, like RealT, on the use of public blockchain technologies to ensure the reliability, security, and transparency of the digital evidence necessary for its operations. Tediji uses Tezos, one of the largest and most environmentally friendly blockchains in the market.