A sovereign and customized data storage solution developed for Amarenco with Cloud by Coexya

Cloud by Coexya service

Development of a cross-functional content management platform in managed mode, to support business applications.

A 100% French cloud that guarantees data sovereignty

As part of its EDM project, Amarenco, an independent producer of photovoltaic energy, wanted to acquire and implement the Nuxeo solution in a managed cloud infrastructure, deployed to all of its offices around the world, in order to centralize and secure the management of its data, documents and know-how.

In this context, Coexya proposed a complete solution (Build + Run) that has been tested and implemented quickly: Le Cloud by Coexya.

In the context of the implementation, the solution must:

  • Be accessible in SaaS mode to be used from all Amarenco locations worldwide,

  • Allow a strong interoperability with the applications of the Amarenco information system,

  • Allow a precise management of internal and external users, and the implementation of specialised business document workflows.

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Digital sovereignty in 3 steps :

As part of the implementation of the Nuxeo content management platform, the “turnkey” solution, 100% managed and operated by Coexya in an ISO27001 environment, was deployed on “le Cloud by Coexya” platform.

The project was executed in three steps in an agile model:

Step 1: Setting up and providing the technical infrastructure

Setting up a white marking application in our “Le Cloud by Coexya” managed hosting.

Step 2: Delivery of a first documentation environment for partners.

Customization of the Nuxeo interface and standard functionality to Amarenco’s generic needs.

Step 3: Design and implementation of the Global EDM

  • Accessible from all worldwide locations (Europe and Asia),

  • Integration with Amarenco IS (ERP Netsuite, Access Database),

  • Internal and external user management,

  • Workflow management of files/documents,

  • Visualisation of plans and photos,

  • Monitoring and reporting on files.

Technical environment:

  • Cloud by Coexya
  • Nuxeo
  • Kafka
  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch