DiabAccess: diabetic patient monitoring software for CERITD

DiabAccess project relies on the Odycare solution to achieve comprehensive care of diabetic patients.

In partnership with CERITD, Coexya developed DiabAccess, a software allowing the follow-up and the management of the diabetic patients of the CERITD.

CERITD is a translational clinical research center dedicated to the application of telemedicine to the treatment of diabetes. It has developed a specific know-how, recognized and unique in France in the accompaniment of patients.

The key objectives of DiabAccess are:

Fluidify patient follow-up for the nurse

Quick access to important patient information

Monitor et facilitate exchange information between health professionals

Facilitate orders/stock management organisation

Manage nurse’s agenda and appointments with patients

Analysis of statistical data and reports

Facilitate mobility by providing offline access to patient records