Izycardio, a software to improve the cardiology care pathway

A portal for professionals and patients to prioritise cardiac emergencies

IzyCardio at the service of cardiovascular health

IzyCardio is a digital and human coordinator of the cardiology care pathway. This digital platform allows the patient to immediately integrate the care pathway thanks to a pre-consultation that assesses the risk, prioritises and refers the request.

The pathway continues with a teleconsultation or a face-to-face consultation, focused on the patient’s needs.

The advantages: less consultation time and more medical time, with listening and empathy.

Behind the development of the IzyCardio tool, Coexya has met the following objectives:

  • Improve access to care,
    Respond to the challenges of cardiovascular health.

With Odycare, Coexya offers a simple portal for healthcare professionals, who can identify and prioritise cardiac emergencies, thanks to a dematerialised patient questionnaire and rapidly programmable teleconsultations.

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Implemented features

Forms Management

Calculation of Cardiological Risk Score

Creating Reports

Solution accessible from a tablet


For the patient :

Shorten and optimise the time to medical care with a more accurate diagnosis.

For the professional :

Improving medical practice and the care pathway.

For the community

Reduce health expenditure and develop preventive health care.